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Pre-Launch! We are almost there!

Psyborg aMod posted Jun 29, 14
We so are! It's right around the corner and almost within reaching distance! Our slaves have been working non-stop on the server and after hoards of hours we can finally see the Launch. This daym sexy website is iVMo's work and a big thumbs up to that chap! We have been working on multiple worlds :O yes we have multiple worlds, 8 to be exact; 8 is a lucky number in China, remember that. Here's the ingredients for the awesomesauce:

Wilderness Survival
City Survival
Mini Games
an RP World
Hunger Games
Kit PvP
and a Creative World

That's 8 whole worlds you can expect to access at any time. There has been several Eras of IC and this will be the next which will be at least 8 times better! Upon entering the released version of IC you will appear in a hawt new spawn called the Hub; 8 paths will be before you, 8 worlds, 8 lives you can live. You can also expect a team of new plugins, staff and donation system!

Wanna get a free Tier 1 rank? You can! How d'ya get it? You vote! Vote for us in the voting centre! Do your maff with our new points system and you could get Tier 1 every month for free and it's worth $10!

So, what are you looking forward to the most? What are you not looking forward to? Are you squealing like a little girl too over all this awesomesauce? What would you like to see, what would you like to do, what this, what that; DISCUSS HERE

Sexy Website!

iVMoRiginal aOwner posted May 12, 14
What are you staring at? Oh this old thing? This antique piece of kit is our marvellous website from 2011! Say hello to your former selves! This nostalgia filled chest of sexy goodness will have you saying "OMG WTF did I look like back then?" Or perhaps the more common "Why did I talk like such an imbecile?" Thats because you probably were. But thankfully your normal now! And we forgive you. So come join us old CHUM(P), with your same username and password. 

If you forgot your password then it sucks to be you. If you can't live with that, you can get your password reset to your email by clicking "forgot password" here. We're planning some nifty treats for the future! Get involved in the development of IC, we're totally open to suggestions to improve. We live for the community after all.

See you on the other side, you terrific person!

XxKorpseioxX Mod Great success! *Borat thumbs up*
yummy_syrup aOwner WOOOOOO
Unknown User  added 1 Advanced days to ImagineCraft
Unknown User  added 1 Advanced days to ImagineCraft
yummy_syrup Owner  added 30 Advanced days to ImagineCraft
kytron   created a new thread Donation thing I don't know in the Report a server problem forum
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Happy to be back and excited about the new launch!
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Path to the Gods
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Psyborg Mod  published Pre-Launch! We are almost there! on News
Psyborg Mod  created a new thread Pre-Launch! We are almost ready to release! (Discuss... in the General Discussion forum
JasonZayd   created a new thread Jun 2014 - Awkward floating text, buggy flight in the Report a server problem forum
XxKorpseioxX ModSo Gangnam Style is now at 2 Billion views... whoa.
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reweris132Anything on Vet Ranks?
owenlitjens Game Admin  The staff is currently hard working on some new features which take most of our online time. As far as i know there's not much work on ranks at the moment
iVMoRiginal Owner  Just to elaborate on what owen said, Its me personally who is working on the website so you'll probably notice the weekly updates as they happen. Updates for veterans are definitely on the agenda so just keep a look out :-) Do you have any particular requests you'd like me to consider?

iVMoRiginal OwnerIm pretty sure the poll says "pick 3" UGHFNRTF
owenlitjens Game Admin  created a new thread [Poll] Which event would you like to see? in the General Discussion forum
ImagineCraft has reached a new record of 550 registered users today!
iVMoRiginal Owner  published Sexy Website! on News
XxKorpseioxX ModJust out of curiosity, like this post (Or reply to it) if you would listen to ICR (The radio show Laurie/Yummy and I run) if it were to come back?
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thanks for the link psyborg but i cant find whare i type my appeal
how do I update it?
Then update your game! ^_^
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